Kentucky Board of Nursing

Board of Nursing
312 Whittington Pkwy.
Suite 300
Louisville, KY 40222-5172

Business: (502) 429-3300

License Period
License expires on October 31 every year for all licensure types

Temporary Permit Period
All temporary permits are valid for 6 months

Exam Fee
$110 (RN & LPN)

Endorsement Fee
$150 (RN & LPN)
$150 (APRN only)
$300 (RN & APRN)
$120 (SANE)


Continuing Education Requirements
RNs and LPNs must earn 14 nursing contact hours every year;
2 contact hours of CE in HIV/AIDS must be earned every 10 years;
3 hours of CE in Domestic Violence must be earned within 3 years of initial licensure
1.5 hours of CE in Pediatric Head Abuse Trauma must be earned within 3 years of initial licensure;
APRNs must earn 5 nursing contact hours in pharmacology CE every year;
APRN’s prescribing controlled substances must earn 3.5 nursing contact hours in pharmacology and 1.5 hours of CE in pain management and/or the use of KASPER;
SANEs: must have 5 hours in forensic nursing or other related field

Renewal Fee
RN & LPN $50
APRN $40 per designation
SANE $35

Temporary Permit Fee
Included in application fee

Re-Examination Limit

May retest every 45 days.  No limit on number of times you may take exam

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